Sunday, November 21, 2010

Uniquely Singapore: City Tour

November 21, 2010 - Singa Pura

A country of diverse population, Singapore is a country of fast growing economy too.
It has a number of shopping districts, for people who cant wait to get rid of their money..
Im being a bit bitter here u know, coz our trip was a low-budget one..grrr

Setting foot in Singapore, and seeing those shopping items, gosh, I wished
I were a millionaire.. (tears)

Getting There:
Well, if you are from Philippines, naturally you have to go by plane.
We got a promo and spent approx 100 SGD for a round trip ticket.
If you are from anywhere else, cant help you. (peace)

First Impressions:

Climate is hot and humid. Not new to me.

Paranoid. They impose a lot of fines. No food in trains, no durian, and everything!
I felt like anytime someone would arrest us. char!

Appreciation.. for Filipino culture. :)

that's fritz, cacho, seeszy ylette and the main character of this super duper great blog! LOL

The Esplanade, center for performing arts

This is Mama Merlion, never ran out of water

Marina Bay Sands behind seeszy and me

these men were sort of cleaning the bay..

i saw this somewhere near merlion park.. LOL

a better view of the hotels, docking the ship at the top needed great expertise.. lol

river taxi behind us.. S$8 for a ticket

below the bridge

oopps, caught in action.. i have more pics but theyre kinda not good for children.. LOL

this is clarke quay ( they pronounce it as clark key)

that's us

train route of the whole country! and it's touch screen! cool

women doing yoga.. i bet one ddnt shampoo her hair.. lols

this is durian ice cream with wafers! :D loved it!

angry at the ice cream! rawwrr!

november is bollywood month.. :) and oh i still have the ice cream

theyve got colorful trash cans and colorful taxi cabs!

want some hair spa?

LOL.. playing at clarke quay

at the toilet entrance

my all the time favorite ice cream!

i wanted a ride :(

i wanted a ride again! :(

taking a rest..

this is St Teresa Church :)

naturally the church was packed with Filipinos

At Vivo City, one of the famous shopping malls

hainanese chicken for lunch! nam nam

one should not miss ice kachang!

having grudge at fritz!

this is ChinaTown

not so busy street.. twas still early

having refreshments

at a Hindu temple adjacent to Chinatown

that's nothing, really..

i want this for valentine

dont u just love Christmas?

lining up for the Fountain of Wealth

biggest fountain in the world i bet

water symphony behind

Marina Bay Sands at night!

dinner at Makansutra! coconut juice, satay, baby squid, sting ray, fried chicken!


  1. imo pod unta gi-post ang pics sa mga ex-ASI.. :D

  2. haha oo nga! sa next blog nlng!