Thursday, January 27, 2011

Luxx: Trivia Night, Fun Night

January 27, 2011 - Trivia Night @Luxx

My second trivia night participation.
And i hate to say i wouldnt be joining some,
for a couple of months.

Trivia Night at Luxx is held every Thursday,
it's at the second floor of Vudu. :)

The ambiance is perfect, so are the food and drinks.
You'd feel like you're just at someone's receiving area :)

That night, there were 5 teams joining.
Our team, BFF without the F (since Fritz got stuck in the
office for late work) was doing well for the first 2 sets.
And then the math part came, gosh and Fritz dint arrive at all.
Just when we needed his a** the most. Then there's a round
on time zones; which caused us to lose.
Questions like: When it's 1pm in Cebu, what time is it in Stockholm?
Gosh why on earth would i care about things like that...

I was the team's scribe that night..
And when u got a lil problem with your hearing, u shudnt
be volunteering to be the one to write down the answers. :P
So they had to repeat some answers a number of times..

I got a nice penmanship though.. :P

me and dhunve

pink krissy

hulyo and hulya

not so vain..that guy

checking outside view

thinking of what to do as fritz's punishment for not coming

i hate geckos, but got this tattoo though..twas supposed to be a flower

team BFF

see? kulelat na naman

after the game :)

atleast there's good food

smile, losers.. haha

the dj and the quizmaster

other teams

i told you the place is good

me, july and krissy

drooling dhunve

who wrote that?

never thought it's my last trivia nyt :(

and he didnt come!

painted on our table..c malakas and c maganda?

spot the difference

i loved these oysters yum yum!

Guess what movies do the drawings portray?
Each item separated by "+" sign sounds like the first few words/syllables
of the movie titles..

Did u get everything right?
If you ddnt, let's just blame the drawings.. heehee

Unforgettable moment:
july: space invaders
bula: space and ..?
(and i wrote "space and murders")
dhunve: space invaders oi!

anyway, the oysters were perfect.. hahahaha!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

life cycle of a heart

was that love?

the heron that grabbed my hand and flew with me
but left me to crash alone..

the current that took me deep to touch the coral reef
but sucked the air and left me to drown

the light that guided me in the dark..
but sipped all the brightness i cud see..

the wall that invited me to lean,
but eventually collapsed as i rested my back on it..

the roses that lifted up my soul
but withered on my palms..

the rain that wiped away my tears,
but got me drenched..

was that love? maybe not..
so, start over?

i can see a borderless freedom wen i fly..

the depth of the sea thrills me

the darkness always makes me feel afraid,
reminding me im vulnerable, human..

there will always be walls whenever i get tired..

roses will not fail to make me smile..
and raindrops will always nurture my soul..

so, will there be love?
there will be..

one that is worth crashing..

but will never ever leave me so..

Monday, January 24, 2011


January 23, 2010
Simala, Sibonga

What are you holding onto?
For things that we do not have control of,
for every heart's desire, for every wishful thought,
for the long-kept dreams, for the hopeful aims..
How hard would you try?

Simala is a famous destination for pilgrims from
far places around the Visayas to offer their prayers
and petition to the Virgin Mary. It is said to be a miraculous
place, and a lof of people attest to that.

I first heard of it when I was in high school, and was finally
able to visit there early this year.
Honestly, I was praying for the best to happen;
and i think it has. :)

looked like a castle from afar


one huge statue near the entrance

what do u wish for?

lighted these candles

pretty windy, that day

there's a museum inside too

crutches left by the ones healed

and there's wheelchairs too

sculptures on the roof

long way, but worth going

approx 15 minutes to reach the main road

river? more like a puddle..