Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Enoshima: Overnyt at the Beach

July 25, 2010 - Enoshima Island

Have u tried spending the night at the beach? Okay, most likely you have.
Lemme rephrase.
Have u spent a night at the beach without a tent, and not even sure if
you're allowed to, knowing it's a public place?
Not to mention giving the mosquitoes a banquet.
(If you still have, just shut up and continue reading my blog). lolz

It was at the peak of summer in Japan, it took days for me to convince
my housemates to go along with my folly.
I always wanted to see the sunrise at the beach but when I asked my
Japanese colleagues, they were against it. Unless we sleep at some hostel.
Even so, Im stubborn u know, I still dragged my housemates with me
and went on with my plan.

These scenes were playing in my mind:
a. we order coffee and sleep at McDonald's
b. stay at the beach and then some gang would harm us (as wat ive been warned about)
c. stay overnyt at the police station and eat free breakfast.. LOL

Here's what happened.
It took 3 hours for us to reach enoshima island, this is one of the most
visited places in Japan during summer. It is usually packed with surfers
and body boarders and beautiful women in bikinis and skinny men
(not in bikinis though, wouldve been more interesting, lol).

i really dont understand wats the concept behind this sculpture..do u?

thats bbgur, jen and me

enoshima island is a couple of minutes walk from katase-enoshima station

on our way to the temple, a lil bit steep

main entrance of the temple

it was complaining bout his itchy foot, i was just helping

washing of hands before praying

and this one reminded me of ringhop ceremony in college

u tie your not-so-good fortune and leave it..


this picture has no significance.. lol

a view of the other side of the island

have u seen dragon ball z?

the cause of my back pain

they got a lot of temple inside i was dizzy
I came there to watch the sunrise, but ive found a perfect sunset instead.
The sound of the waves crashing, and the cool wind blowing,
really made us feel good.

at the back of the island, theyve got caves too..caves that we missed to see

me setting up the tripod

oops, nobody warned me not to wear skirt

the ladies

did i mention there were bugs (gross) on the rocks?

captivating sunset :)

who wud say this was a waste of time?

oddly, i thought of tsunami

the moon and the indigo sky

still, just try to appreciate the sky, okay?
fascinating view of enoshima lighthouse

enoshima at night
their faucet..

you know Jr Kilat?

at the beach.. everyone was forced to perform that night

this was supposed to be Lady Gaga endorsing a tissue paper

this one looks like praise night.. lol song was actually "Happy Birthday" (tinuod as in!)

everyone was tired except this girl.. LOL

still trying to figure out who to strangle by taking this pic.. lol

this part ddnt pass unnoticed.. it was perfect for a date.. :)

at 2 o'clock AM.. on our way to a family restaurant..

@4 o'clock AM, everyone took a short nap except me

i waited for the sunrise (well i forgot we were somewhere west..LOL)

early body boarders

Goryo's angels.. with horns.. LOL

playing bekla at the beach, i wonder wat d ppl there were thinking..

i dint knw about this.. but this made me laugh

it was still 7 o'clock but the sun's heat was almost unbearable..

last snap at the station.. on our way home..
This was supposed to be a team-building activity for onsite engineers..
And it was fun, though i had to stay awake the whole night (i was paranoid hehe).
Well, we ddnt stay overnight at McDonald's, had encounter with some gang, or got busted..
Instead, we brought with us a very good memory of the place, of the sunset, plus we got to know
each other better (or bitter?), and shared one of the best laughs together.

I miss you guys! :(