Saturday, December 25, 2010

Guimaras: The Seven Sins

December 25, 2010 - Guimaras

Happy Christmas!
When most people opted to stay at home and eat a lot,
i chose to stay under the sun and break some rules.

Well, breaking is not the right term.. it's.. hmm disobedience maybe.

After having lunch with my family (i remember eating lechon paksiw :D)
and having chitchats with my grandpa (in English..i dont speak ilonggo eh!)
my wicked (hehe!) sister suggested we go to Guimaras.
I was struck, she of all people! She who only wears sleeveless tops
and shorts at home. it was a hallelujah moment. :)

Then my dad dint like the idea. of course.
so we told him we're just gonna take some pictures at fort san pedro,
and watch guimaras from there. 

Well i had no plan of just sitting by the stretch, drooling and wondering
what's in the nearby island.. And i was not alone with the idea.

But you know that feeling that sumthing bad may happen when u
disobey ur parents? I had that, but u knw im stubborn. :)

Guimaras island is just 25-min away from Iloilo port, by boat.
Costs u Php13.00 to cross.

u really have to practice balancing here

i dint notice soon enuf that the guy beside me kept on talking to himself.. really

dats my manang nene, sister connie and my nephew

this is far better than a hammock.. :D

buenavista here we come!

that's Ang Balaang Krus - located at a mountaintop in Jordan..

Had ate suggested this earlier, we woudve had ample time to trek and
see this sacred place and roll. :)

Anyway, the best time to go there is on Holy Week. :)

the 10 commandment's engraved on that "tablet"
When we reached there, we realized transportation wud be a problem.
Hey we werent some foreigners; why wud i pay 600 pesos for a multicab
to take us to a resort for just an hour?

So, we rented a tricyle and paid 350 after.. paets.
We headed to El Retiro Beach, only to find out it's closed.
Twas Christmas Day, that's why.

On our way, ive had weird thoughts.
I remembered Korina's segment about aswangs and the like.
Then some movies on backpackers not being able to go home. 
It was kinda creepy.

reminds me of the movie Wrong Turn..

this one's shake, rattle and roll

then the bad feeling went away.. :)

two of the siete pecados islands
The Siete Pecados, also known as The Seven Sins is a group of seven islets scattered 
at the coast of Buenavista. My grandma used to tell us about the tale behind
these islets. There were once seven virgins who disobeyed their mother and
went to a dance gathering (bay-le) in the nearby island. 
Their boat capsized and they transformed into these seven islets.
The biggest being the eldest, and now has the lighthouse that i was 
eying to go.

Well, the moral of the story is.. i wont tell u coz i'll burn. hehe

the boy i was always fighting with hehe

4 dogs.. poor dogs.. lol

this one's maimed

how much is my due? (made me think about my debts) lol

is the picture skewed?

the guitar man

trying hard for the legendary jump shot

got it! :D

i dont need to explain hehe

im the darkest among us.. lol in skin and in deeds.. joke!

 and i got this wrong

i dint understand what my brother wanted me to do

fish pond.. that needed cleaning up.. but it naturally did look beautiful though

that's wat we were riding on

coconut trees along the road.. and guimaras is famous for mangoes.. :)

rice field and a gloomy sky

Christmas' sunset :)

a photo of the cross again.. on our way home

Reached Iloilo port at dusk, and went to buy souvenirs
and delicacies. We were leaving for Cebu the next day.
And when you're in Iloilo, never miss going to Mercy bakeshop.

having tantrums..

Iloilo City..downtown boy, wer r u?

mother and son, hailing for a puj
At night, my brother and I sneaked out. We went to Jaro. 
There's the Candelaria church and it's belfry that i ddnt feel
like missing. Perfect timing, a number of ukay2 (second hand clothes)
stalls were lined up and a carnival was there too. :)

ukay-ukay :D

i rode on that!!! whew

and i dint change clothes

seriously,, i screamed haha

the belfry tower.. :)

this one looks like a painting.. :)

read and learn

stairway to miracle and healing :)

old and new, past and the present

the candelaria church :)

proof of how abundant our culture is :)

One day i'll go back to Guimaras.
Particularly in Jordan, i think it has a lot more to offer
than Buenavista. Also, OMG i seriously had no idea that the island
is known for many huge mango plantation, not just ordinary mango,
but the export kind.

This wasnt planned at all, but most best experiences are
those which are unexpected.

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