Monday, December 13, 2010

Mothers' Day in December

December 11, 2010 -- Target Invasion: Bohol

I lived in Bohol for almost 9 years, but I never really got to see
the tourist attractions there. Well, same reason why Japanese havent been
to Tokyo tower, my family thought we could go there anytime..
Until we moved to another province and forgot bout Bohol.

And now, my enthusiasm for travel is barely controllable. (over!)
And why not visit Bohol this time? :)
But as you know, I can only afford cheap vacation these days. hehe
So I searched for low-budget trips to Bohol.
I saw this ad, Php1000 per person for a whole day tour,
including car, buffet lunch and entrance fees. Fair enough.
This trip was for my mom too. :) Talked my friend into bringing our moms
for a change. Nice, right?

But when we arrived at the port around 5am in the morning,
those ocean jet staff sold us chance tickets and never informed
us we had no "chance" until we heard the ship departing.
There was this Russian guy who kept screaming, hitting the desk,
angry of their poor system. Tsk.

We got our refund though, and went to Pier 4 to catch Supercat.
Bought 4 round trip tickets, and went back to Pier 1 to get my Php1000 change
(the refund lacked 1k). Well, I was on the verge of canceling the trip, did I
mention it was raining for days?

Glad I did not. We took the 8am trip for Tagbilaran.
Reached there at 10.30, and our driver was already waiting. :)

Sandugo Monument
First stop was at Blood Compact monument, where they had the historical ritual between
Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legaspi. I wonder how rusty that tasted. LOL

Blood Compact Monument. Yeah we love dinuguan..
Baclayon Church
One of Bohol's oldest Jesuit church. They made the rectory a museum for church items they
used long ago. And oh, they were spectacular! Gold crowns, antique cabinets, real silver and gold
plated altar materials! :) They have one of the best altars I have seen.

orange for prosperity, green for courage, pink for love.. they had purple for material wealth too.. hehe

had to wear that cloth round my waist.. no shorts allowed

that's mama and me

at the rectory.. overlooking the church ground

tour car :) nice and comfy

infront of Baclayon church
The very well known and the largest python in the Philippines was sleeping when we went there.
It was too huge; i think it's obese. hehe
I went inside it's cage; well the owner was inside too so I dint worry much.
Our moms just stayed outside, you know, moms... :D

this is prony sleeping.. it dint like me that much for snax

the birds behaved well.. :)

this is George, eating a rock?

that at the right is a pair of bikini made out of prony's skin

marimar: ako diay c paul, kung gabii kay paulina.. LOL
Floating Restaurant
All the while I was expecting we'd go to Loboc river for a cruise.
I was a lil disappointed at first but it then turned out good. :)
The food was okay; it was a buffet lunch. And they served puto kuchinta! :D
And most of all, my mother sang! LOLs

floating restaurant entrance

they had a number of boats.. we were one of the earliest to arrive

the calm river.. i kept asking if there were alligators..

this guy sang really good
Ati Tribe
We docked at an Ati tribe. Well they are not really pure Aetas though; descendants maybe.
There was this giant crab, and a number of indigenous huts.

mama as prey

that's an energetic me hehe

these are my brothers and sister.. hehe i belong

one of the coolest things i did there! this monitor lizard made me chill

why i had muscle pain after

i did this 3 times.. LOL

mother and i

i like the mohawk cut

i was thinking bout trying this too.. but i was gay enough to risk..

is this how they wink?

gosh my fist is bigger

Man-Made Forest
A series of mahogany trees symbolizing how industrious Boholanos are.
It was as if we were outside the Philippines (exaggerating a bit here).
We had a hard time taking pictures because of the vehicles passing by.
Had great time running and laughing here. :D

the ladies pretending it's their car

love it here

cautious of the vehicles

that's bobet(driver), me, mama and tita laraine

the cast

Chocolate Hills
What Bohol is most famous for. They were not chocolate hills though,
they were matcha hills. :D
Took 200 tiny steps to reach the highest and best view.
Well we had to stop from time to time so the oldies could catch up. hehe

mama at the base

i managed to smile though i was a lil scared ( i went outside the rail)

almost reaching the top



ehem! :) my acrophobia left me

fun shots with fritz

i had to argue that the background isnt some tarpaulin.. hmf

an angry child.. middle child syndrome (joke)

sweet matcha kisses for you!

my mom took this photo hehe

that lady in purple is much cuter

mama taking the other way going down

okey, i ddnt comb my hair..

a grotto near the base of the hill

and it was air conditioned too

and theyve got pink toilet bowls
Butterfly Park
Last stop. Butterfly Park. I wasnt really that interested.
But I got to know a few things about butterflies. Fair enough.

giant butterfly, giant caterpillar, and a giant mom hehe

these are caterpillars on my palm.. they tickle

this photo makes me smile.. :)

mama: napuslan gyud ang sponge sa pinggan nay!

actually they had honey.. for the butterflies to feed on

taking a rest inside the park

one of their defense mechanism: pretending to be dead

butterflies mating hihi (parental guidance is recommended)

i love hammocks

cottage for yoga

taking a rest once again

half male, half female.. not really hermaphrodite.. i dunno

see how the one half differs from the other
Panglao Island
We added Php500 per head so we can stay overnight at a resort in Panglao Island.
I thought we had to cross through motor boats. It wasnt until the next day that
I confirmed we were at Panglao already. LOL

looking for cheap restaurants for dinner.. well forget bout cheap, price was like bora's..gosh

and who would miss having balut? :D

i remember taking pics with some kids at bora.. hehe

while waiting for dinner to be served

i ddnt bring slippers.. i was wearing shoes on the beach.. LOL

bought red sparkling wine for the moms

swimming the next day.. :) (i ddnt)

i was hiding under that talisay tree..

on our way back to tagbilaran, this is the bridge connecting panglao to the city

lunch at ati-atihan! :) nice place.. u shud try it there

at tagbilaran port
I was happy. The trip was great. And my mom got to relax.
Now I am thinking of another family trip.
Hmmm... where to, next?


  1. bula nice au.. congrats u did it with your mom.. next whole family na sa baguio :D

  2. lage maynta naay enuf budget to take the whole family.. :D