Tuesday, January 25, 2011

life cycle of a heart

was that love?

the heron that grabbed my hand and flew with me
but left me to crash alone..

the current that took me deep to touch the coral reef
but sucked the air and left me to drown

the light that guided me in the dark..
but sipped all the brightness i cud see..

the wall that invited me to lean,
but eventually collapsed as i rested my back on it..

the roses that lifted up my soul
but withered on my palms..

the rain that wiped away my tears,
but got me drenched..

was that love? maybe not..
so, start over?

i can see a borderless freedom wen i fly..

the depth of the sea thrills me

the darkness always makes me feel afraid,
reminding me im vulnerable, human..

there will always be walls whenever i get tired..

roses will not fail to make me smile..
and raindrops will always nurture my soul..

so, will there be love?
there will be..

one that is worth crashing..

but will never ever leave me so..

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