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January 23, 2010
Simala, Sibonga

What are you holding onto?
For things that we do not have control of,
for every heart's desire, for every wishful thought,
for the long-kept dreams, for the hopeful aims..
How hard would you try?

Simala is a famous destination for pilgrims from
far places around the Visayas to offer their prayers
and petition to the Virgin Mary. It is said to be a miraculous
place, and a lof of people attest to that.

I first heard of it when I was in high school, and was finally
able to visit there early this year.
Honestly, I was praying for the best to happen;
and i think it has. :)

looked like a castle from afar


one huge statue near the entrance

what do u wish for?

lighted these candles

pretty windy, that day

there's a museum inside too

crutches left by the ones healed

and there's wheelchairs too

sculptures on the roof

long way, but worth going

approx 15 minutes to reach the main road

river? more like a puddle..

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