Thursday, January 27, 2011

Luxx: Trivia Night, Fun Night

January 27, 2011 - Trivia Night @Luxx

My second trivia night participation.
And i hate to say i wouldnt be joining some,
for a couple of months.

Trivia Night at Luxx is held every Thursday,
it's at the second floor of Vudu. :)

The ambiance is perfect, so are the food and drinks.
You'd feel like you're just at someone's receiving area :)

That night, there were 5 teams joining.
Our team, BFF without the F (since Fritz got stuck in the
office for late work) was doing well for the first 2 sets.
And then the math part came, gosh and Fritz dint arrive at all.
Just when we needed his a** the most. Then there's a round
on time zones; which caused us to lose.
Questions like: When it's 1pm in Cebu, what time is it in Stockholm?
Gosh why on earth would i care about things like that...

I was the team's scribe that night..
And when u got a lil problem with your hearing, u shudnt
be volunteering to be the one to write down the answers. :P
So they had to repeat some answers a number of times..

I got a nice penmanship though.. :P

me and dhunve

pink krissy

hulyo and hulya

not so vain..that guy

checking outside view

thinking of what to do as fritz's punishment for not coming

i hate geckos, but got this tattoo though..twas supposed to be a flower

team BFF

see? kulelat na naman

after the game :)

atleast there's good food

smile, losers.. haha

the dj and the quizmaster

other teams

i told you the place is good

me, july and krissy

drooling dhunve

who wrote that?

never thought it's my last trivia nyt :(

and he didnt come!

painted on our table..c malakas and c maganda?

spot the difference

i loved these oysters yum yum!

Guess what movies do the drawings portray?
Each item separated by "+" sign sounds like the first few words/syllables
of the movie titles..

Did u get everything right?
If you ddnt, let's just blame the drawings.. heehee

Unforgettable moment:
july: space invaders
bula: space and ..?
(and i wrote "space and murders")
dhunve: space invaders oi!

anyway, the oysters were perfect.. hahahaha!

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