Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Alejandro's : Major Major Fun

January 19, 2010.

Last day of being hanged. 
The term we use when we are very much prone to money shortage. :D

Even so, we went to Alejandro's - a Filipino restobar at Capitol site.
'Twas Wednesday, heard they hold trivia night on this day of the week.
Recently, ive been busying myself solving crossword puzzles and
brain stimulating games at - you should try it too. hehe
The idea of joining quiz bowl-like event excited me, not to mention
they serve the best crispy pata in Cebu (it's what their slogan says).

There were six of us. We went there for a bountiful dinner first: 2 Crispy Patas,
Kare-kare, Relyenong Talong, Manga with Bagoong, Calamares, Grilled Bangus
and Nilagang Baka. We werent that hungry. LOL

While eating, the waiter mistakenly served our beef stew to the table beside ours
and overheard this conversation:
Customer: Sisig man to amo gi order. Naa diay sabaw inyong sisig?
Waiter: (nitando)

Im sorry, if i translate this to English this wouldnt sound so funny. LOLS
We were so noisy laughing while eating, expecting that at any moment
some rice grains would come out from somebody's nostrils.

At 9 o'clock, the facilitator started counting the teams joining the trivia.
We were thinking of a nice team name. Somebody suggested we use
"Sinabawang Sisig" (sisig stew) but afraid the next table and the waiter would find it 
a little sarcastic. hehe So we named our team BFF, which meant Bula, Fritz and Friends (haha!)

There were 14 teams. Most of them have been going to the restobar; we were one of the
few noobs. There were 4 sets of questions, each set has 3 categories, and we were given 
only a few seconds to write down our answers on the white board theyve provided.
And then it started. First topic was forensics..and we were wide-eyed. LOL
Then our hope of not having to pay the bill (we aimed to win of course) gradually faded.
ALso, we were sitting at the back, barely heard the quizmaster. tsk
Of course we didnt win, hehe but the consolation - laughter and fun was tremendous.

Team BFF photos below. Enjoy!

pappi, july and krissy.. the hunger isnt that obvious

me, fritz and ristie

at last there's the food

me: kuya, smile sa beh! LOL

crispy pata - their pride

pigs eat pork.. did u know?

answer board, mostly raised blank hehe

go team BFF!

dont bother looking for our score
yey! LOL

Memorable lines:

Waiter: (bringing a platter of plain rice)
Dambi: Ako nalang bitbit bai.
Waiter: (gitunol ang plato)
Dambi: (nidawat) Hinampak kainit!

Quizmaster: Who's known as the Lady of the Lamp?
Dambi: unsa, LAMB????
Bula: Mary? kay Mary had a little lamb man.. (LOL)
Ristie: (gisuwat ang Mary)
Quizmaster: Answer is, Florence Nightingale
July: LAMP oi!!

Thanks to July and Fritz, we werent trailing (but not leading too.. hehe)
We scored 42 points, yey!
Looking forward for next week's! Hopefully we'll bring home the bacon and the pata.. haha

PS: Oh, please forget bout that Mary-had-a-little-lamb thing.. hahahaha!

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