Sunday, January 9, 2011

my bukong experience

Jan 4, 2011.

Second working day of the year.
I stopped making new year's resolution.
Because I know I would never fulfill it; yeah you'd say it's
good to have at least goals than nothing at all.

Well enuf of it, i dont have a resolution and i dun wanna explain why.. hehe

I wanna have a nice 2011, so i started to wake up early.
I was staying at my best friend's place, one of the best places on earth. :D
I left the house 30 minutes earlier than the usual.
And oh, ive been thinking of taking a puj first (i get caught in traffic near that flyover being constructed),
get off at USC and take a cab. That way i could save extra. char!

So i hailed a PUJ, argghh i hate that feeling when all the other passengers look at u
as u sit. I took my hanky and covered my nose from the dust; i sat uncomfortably.
I think i looked like an OC office lady. hehe
I reached for my wallet to pay for the fare, when i felt something was wrong.
I cudnt find it. I remembered i took some bills the other nyt but i cudnt remember
putting my wallet back to my bag. uuufff!
The thing is, inside the puj, everything u do can be easily noticed by the other passengers.
In my peripheral view, some women were watching. I got a nice bag u know. :P
I was thinking of calling my office mates for help but i ddnt have cellphone load.
I felt so helpless.

Then the traffic light turned red. I made up my mind and got off. LOL
Without turning my head back, I ran. HAHAHAHA
I hailed a taxi cab, sat at the front seat and asked the driver to take me home first
since i got no money..(with puppy dog eyes.. LOL)

And he helped of course, drove faster so i wouldnt get late. Bless him.

So my intention of going to the office early and saving money was a total failure.
Can i just blame all of these on bad luck? Please dont say im careless.. hee hee

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