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Dumaguete: The City Of Gentle People

November 6, 2010 - Dumaguete City

And I was up for another trip -- to the city of gentle people.
They were gentle, indeed.
I remember asking a colleague why he wouldn't buy a house in cebu.
Now I understand his hesitation;  when we set foot in Dumaguete,
I realized it's one of the ideal cities to live in. It's peaceful, safe, ul get everything u need..
with smiling and courteous residents around, it's not that hard to feel at home..

There are a lot of ways to go to Dumaguete departing from Cebu.
Twas a low-budget trip, so we chose the cheapest.

Left Cebu South Bus terminal at 7am in a ceres bus.
Reaching Liloan port in Santander took 3 and a half hours.
Quite long, but as a consolation, it was a smooth ride.
From Liloan port, we crossed towards Sibulan in a 30-min ferry ride.

Then… where to? Actually that's the same question that struck us.
Because.. we did not have any reservation at any hotel or lodging house. :D

Here is our first set of snaps!
With heavy backpacks, we walked around the city, looking for Siliman University,
one of the most prestigious universities in the Phils.

Siliman University's Gate of Knowledge..prominent portal of the school

the university church... uhm, where ez eet? (sorry, this one's a failure LOL)
Then we went hotel hunting. Our first option was at Harold's.
Unfortunately it was full (wow), so we headed to Negros Lodging House.
Lesson learned: see the room first before checking in.
No offense, but if you want a perfect vacation,
choosing the right place to stay  should not be a compromise
(okay, i knw i said it was a low-budget vacation, but trust me u too would pay more for
a comfortable accommodation).

We paid Php25 for cancelation. oops.
Then we found Hotel Nicanor, and exclaimed, "perfect!"

Hotel Nicanor 3F lobby.. this one's good, and not that expensive :D thank God we found this!

this is wat the 4-hr travel did to me.. LOL

with bessie abby and the Christmas tree..

abby: bula put that down, we dont have much to pay for that.. lol
Had lunch at chowking. Well, if eating halo2x at noon is considered lunch. lol
I was guilty, of stealing that glass. Im sorry to say, but that was fun! (peace)
Bye chowking, I'll keep distant for now.. :D
u see, im whistling more often

while waiting for the food, do they count their glasses??

one of my favorites! wudve been superb if there was langka

At around 3pm, we left for Forest Camp,
a mountain resort in the nearby town, Valencia. Enjoy looking at the pictures!

quotes to ponder

i think the owner was swimming inside the resort.. hee hee

at the hanging bridge... it was hanging.. LOL

gushing water below

something emerged out of the water.. peace

one of the cottages that we harassed

modern day sadako

why the expression?

the place is perfect for family outing.. :)

and for honeymooners.. LOL

this is buko halo2x! atlast ive had one! :D

the quest for blood, said the mosquitoes... (grrr!)

this was at another resort outside forest camp.. entrance fee is Php 10 only :)

we tried to haggle here

i got to see a lanzones tree.. :D

valencia park.. men playing football behind..
Me: Kuya pwd mag pa picture kuyog ninyo?
Police1: Unya nagkaon man mi?
Me: Cge lang!
Abby: Bula bagag nawong!

we even went upstairs.. taking advantage!
Went back to Dumaguete at around 5pm.
They got motorcycle for rent; we rented 2 bikes. ( i ddnt have a license, ssshhh)

Dumaguete Roman Catholic Church

the belfry tower. i loved it. though i ddnt knw wat that guy was doing

read and learn

another view of belfry tower
The famous Rizal Boulevard.
With a series of white lamp posts lined up and relaxing sea breeze, this has become
one of Dumaguete's charms. Not to mention Rizal walked along this street before
his exile to Dapitan. Ive been reading phil history these days. lol

abby and renz eating squid ball and balut

abby: "bula, showering" .. (this man got sprinkler in his mouth.. LOL)

balot.. 16 days! i shudve ordered 18..

another siliman campus.. the one near the port.. sorry i have to research for this.

the motorbike i rented

Negors provincial capitol.. it was getting late already

the man in the motorcycle shop. i rmbr the others teasing him.. lol

tricycle ride :D

Day 2.
We actually had no major plans the next day.
Target was to reach Cebu by dusk. Well, that was before....

waiting for the room check to finish.. i ddnt steal anything! :D

last snap at Hotel Nicanor

and this is where they sell the famous silvanas

eating breakfast meal at lunch.. come again?

chillin at Fred's.. u know.. Fred.. that guy..

the boulevard by day


pre-nup shot..

spending time with my journal..


alright, i picked one after..

the quest for the fried ice cream was over.. hot dough and melting ice cream in one!

cool right?
Time to get going. But we saw this on our way.
Well, who wouldve thought twas the opening of CVRAA (athletic meet).
We decided to stay for a while and take pics, that lasted for another hour. LOL

i had no idea at first

too bad i missed to take a closer shot of that girl.. :)
I saw that dog poop first, and reminded myself to be careful.
I got soo into taking pics when I noticed I stepped on something wet. Gross.
There were women behind me, and they saw it too.
I ddnt look embarrassed, I leaned down, and took a snap, and then laughed.
But actually, I was soooo embarrassed! eww

im sorry i had to post this.. peace

this girl has a nice hair

i like her costume though

she's so tall i felt small

one of the pretty faces i saw

athletes from cebu, isnt it obvious?

she smiled for me.. i had to chase her hehe

i dint mean to take this.. lol

i chased her toooo... cudnt afford to miss this face

what she did after glee

cutie and graceful kiddo

a simple beauty

reminds me of a certain japanese actress.. saru onna?
SQUAT member with the swat team lol

cute cute kiddos

It was almost 5pm when we really left Dumaguete.
That parade was so long some roads were closed.
Here are my last shots. :)

sibulan church

the ferry for cebu (at sibulan port)

reached cebu at 6.. took some pictures at liloan port while we waited for the bus.

i love this picture

i love the reflection on the water

the comfort room's behind this..


emo manong (see, im not alone.. )
I will go back someday.
Spend time at the boulevard reading a novel, or writing on my journal.
Or having a guitar with me would be perfect...

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  1. you pretty much captured dumaguete. loved ur work. i was kinda just browsing through and ready to get to the next page but i was mesmerized.u got a good eye. good job!! :)