Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hakone: Black Eggs Laid

June 20, 2010 - Hakone

Hakone is located in the mountainous far west of Kanagawa prefecture.

It is one of Japan's famous destinations during autumn.
Because when the leaves turn gold and red,
you'd see the most fascinating view ever!
For a person who grew up in a tropical country,
that's not an exaggeration..

Well I know I said it's perfect to go there in fall, but we went there last summer..
knowing we would not have another chance..
Even went there despite the bad weather forecast.

We left Tokyo as early as 8am, it's better if you purchase day pass ticket;
you can go around Hakone with unlimited ride (be it bus or train,
even cable car and some entrance fees on particular attraction centers, parks)

Enjoy looking at the pics Ive taken, just imagine the leaves are red, hihi..

sky was clear when we got there..

and then it started to fog, weird but it wasnt cold

then sky was clear again.. LOL

i ddnt promise to behave lol
while waiting for the bus

one famous hotel spa in hakone

on our way to Mt Owakudani, quite crowded here

this guy was cute, really.. hehe

cable car for mt owakudani.. i died there

me and my death bed behind

okay, i died smiling.. lol

even showing some teeth

it was raining.. and so windy.. imagine how the car misbehaved.. :(

view underneath.. i died a couple of times here..

ive had morbid thoughts..honestly!

i survived.. and happy to have hugged this water buffalo

it was so windy i cursed a lot..

this one's supposed to be an observatory

i think the fish there got hypothermia

a glimpse of mt owakudani


far better than the last.. lol

the yellowish stuff's sulfur

the famous boiled black eggs.. one egg adds one year to ur life

black egg and black fingernails

black and evil hello kitty

this is fritz, when stuffed..

at Lake Ashi, and some lined up rowboats

a bit frustrated here
Well, we missed a lot of things to do there..
Due to the bad weather, the lake cruise was canceled.
Soooo, we went to Gotemba to shop, a famous outlet mall nearest to Hakone.
Then my wallet suddenly got fever.. LOL

green tea ice cream saved the day!

you dont always see rice fields there..

even the bad weather couldnt stop these ppl to spend

and u too wouldve wished u were rich

going to the other shops across this bridge

unexpectedly, mt fuji was visible

shopaholics' sanctuary

then i started bringing shopping bags.. LOL

We reached home at 11pm, if we hadnt caught the last train, we wouldve
slept at the station (worst case, and exaggerating again..)
That was a fun trip, but I went home sobbing inside..
Because of that coach bag Ive seen at Gotemba.. (peace)