Friday, January 21, 2011

can i fart?

if there's a new song that i like, 
   it'll be the only song in my playlist
   that i will keep on playing for the nth time, 
   same goes for food and beverage..

i love to wear white..

if my head gets hit, i hit my chin a couple of 
   times upwards for counterbalance..

i like to do odd things, and i do things spontaneously, 
   whatever comes to my mind at the moment..

i dream of working as a bartender in London, 
   a pre-school teacher in Canada, 
   and an OL in Australia..

i want my visa to be stamped as many as it could get..

if i suddenly get quiet, it's either im upset, 
    or i want ur attention..

if i talk nonsense, it means im uneasy 
    and dunno wat else to say..

if stare blankly and touch my chin,
   im thinking deep..

i am friendly, and mostly misinterpreted.. :)

pinch me and i'll cry, and that's after my 
    hand has involuntarily slapped u..

money isnt my greatest interest like anyone else.. 
   so im bad at handling finances.. :)

i cant sleep without washing my face and 
    brushing my teeth no matter how tired i am..

i dont really like alcoholic drinks.. 
    though it doesnt show..

i dont like ice cream..
   if it's not macadamia nut flavored..

i prefer fruits.. :)

i love making desserts and feel good when ppl eat 
    what ive prepared..

i love taking pictures..of myself (not so vain) 
   and of the places i go to..

i dont keep grudges, and i dont have enemies.. 
   ppl complain im too nice..

i easily trust ppl, always seeing something good in other ppl..

i dont like my feet..

i dont have lower molars.. hehe

i am a lil bit stubborn and will do what other ppl 
    wud tell me not to do.. :)

i smile a lot..

i imagine myself being a rockstar..

im not scared of heights, but ive got fear of falling..

i like the feeling of being needed and hugged..

i find it so hard to refuse offers and disappoint ppl..

i am easily influenced, and i welcome other ppl's ideas..

ive written 2 35-stanza poems when i was in high school..

ive delivered an oratorical piece and cried in the middle.. 
    in front of a big crowd..

disaster and embarrassment are my sisters.. :)

if i cant handle a disagreement, i walk out..

i dont text much, and i am not techy..

i tend to memorize lines from the movies ive watched..

i love to scream and laugh at horror films.. 
    but i dont watch alone..

i like writing a lot, and i dream of publishing my own book, 
    just now.. hehe

i still get embarrassed and i find it awkward 
    to say iloveyou to my parents in person..
    i do that through text message.. :)

ppl think im cool but ive got confidence and esteem issues.. 
    (dats supposed to be a secret sshh)

i rant, but i dont refuse challenges..

id die for my family..

id kill for my friends (hmm, i take it back, 
    maybe not kill, probably just box) :D

i want to go to all kinds of churches..

i imagine myself having a tattoo, 
    a lot of times!

im scared of deep dark waters..

i have a brother who cant sleep without a mosquito net..

im not really into puppies..

i sometimes buy things and forget 
    about them afterwards..

ive fallen inlove twice. :)

if im comfortable with a person i can freely tell 
    them im gonna fart, or ive just farted..

i love to joke, corny or not, as long as theyd laugh! :)

i dont easily forget broken promises.. :(
i soo love surprises.. well who doesnt?

im tired.. for now.. hehe will update soon!

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