Monday, March 7, 2011

Mobile's Aged Photos

I dont have a mobile phone here in Japan.
I used to have one, the one the client provided for 24/7 support engineers.
But I handed it over last year to Aime so I lost all the rights.

Last week I was scanning pics folder and found these photos Ive taken
long back, and was surprised they are still there.
Take a look :)

a pigeon or a crow: who's the culprit?
One morning I was waiting for the elevator when I noticed a foul odor.
I was alone so I figured it's not me (of course!). :P
When I reached my seat i saw something black on my hand and smelled it.
That was bad. Uh-oh so was my hair.
Then I saw that bird poop on my bag. 
Lucky me - of all people! 
Good thing elephants don't fly.

and she knew i always love lavenders
Leina, my Japanese girl friend who lent me her yukata
on my first hanabi (fireworks watching), stopped by and gave me
a decor she made from lavender. I forgot she loves lavenders too.
"I picked those from my little garden", I rmbr her telling me that.
One of the fresh and friendly faces Ive met.

there's something good about cafeterias

I often go to our client's head office. 
It's 30 minutes away from our workplace.
Individualism, one sad thing I noticed here.
I dont have negative impressions; 
ppl here value friendship and companionship so much that
you'll doubt refusing invitations and offers.
Problem is, the more they care about relationships, the
more they do not give a damn to things they're not involved of.
And it's supposed to be a good thing (maybe i just cudnt forget the pinoy
"meddling" attitude). But seeing blank faces in the train, makes me
feel so alone. To cut this melodramatic wails, i used to go the
head office's cafeteria, grab a cup of american coffee and sit
on a couch where i could clearly see the outside view.
And then, CHADANG!!! back to the bubbly mood. :D

looks like i just killed a cat
Never, ever, hand me some breakables when I am intoxicated.
Or never let me hold any, rather.
Last August, before going back to Philippines, I spent most of the
days having farewell parties with office mates and friends.
(Who enjoys farewells by the way??!)
One night after clubbing, went home a little bit tipsy, and thirsty.
Went to the sink, washed the last glass we had, a cracked one.
Was still talking to my girl friends when the glass broke in my hands,
and blood came gushing.. and it would not stop.. even after we put bandage.
A lot of skin tissues were scraped, congratulations to me :P

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