Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meeting: Drink the Right Coffee

February 22, 2011 - 5F Cynthia Conference Room

I got 2 meetings today.
One @12:30 noon (gosh, who does meetings at lunchbreak????!!)
And I had to give up my 30-min nap for that.

At 3, I went down and bought a cup of coffee with milk.
It was more of milk with coffee.
At it says "homemade", when the vending machine made it for me. 

The next meeting was at 5pm. 
And I had two small but very obvious holes on my stockings.
(Time to get rid of the long fingernails..)
As suggested by a friend, I looked for a pentel pen
to have the exposed part of my leg marked.

My Japanese friend got the pentel pen and 
marked my leg - and was laughing boisterously.

Then came 5 o'clock. I confidently entered the meeting
room while waiting for the others. The project manager 
was so friendly asking me questions bout Philippines.
But when the meeting started, I realized I was the only
non-Japanese speaking person in there.

And in the middle of the discussion, my eyes
started to get heavy. I took a pen and scribbled 
a lot of things on the scratch paper I brought.

I mustve looked so stupid, taking down notes
in a purely Nihongo meeting when they all
knew I didnt understand a thing.

That was the hardest fight I had to undergo that day (over!) 
But reading what ive written, really made me chuckle.

1. grabe kaduka sa akong mga mata
2. mopiyong na gyud cya ug kalit

3. puros pa jud nihongo ang ila storya

4. ang ako tupad kay maayo mosulti ug japanese

5. as in hapdos na kaayo akong mga mata

6. kanus-a pa man ni cla mahuman ug storya

7. gacge nako ug kusi sa akong panit para makamata

8. grabe na jud ni nga struggle

9. ginalugod nalang nako ako mata para dili makatulog

10. ngano niapil man ko ani nga meeting nga wa man tawn ko kasabot

11. nag atbang pa jud mi sa project manager

12. nagcge nako ug panguy-ab dri waaa

13. baho pa jud kaayo cla ug baba. bahog kape.

14. did ihear someone say kawaisou (luooya)??

Lesson learned: Drink black coffee next time?? What u say?
I completely forgot bout the holes on my stockings.
But it kinda twitched, exposing bare skin. 

A few reasons to ruin my day, but i was still in the mood to cook. 
Id look more stressed if I pout, so i chose not to and tried to be 
smiling and pretty.. :) char!

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