Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jurong : Happy Bird's Day

November 23, 2010  -  Jurong Bird Park

This is one of Singapore's best tourist attractions.
They have a huge collection of magnificent bird species from all around the world.
I just knew this now: they have a flock of 1001 flamingos! gosh!

Getting there:
Take a train heading for Boon Lay (S$2)
Then pay S$1.40 for the bus going to Jurong Bird Park.
Travel time by bus is approximately 30 mins.

But for more information, try wikipedia :)

a cup of McDonald's latte at Wendy's

the picture says it all (that theyre giving out bird flu) joke!

the legend of the guardian

"please dont sit here", the mark says

reaching out for the parrot's butt

women's toilet.. doesnt make sense ryt

this is a hornbill.. the bill looks like a horn.. i reckon

these are ibises.. and an ugly ibis..

im posting this coz that guy smiled at my camera.. LOL

who's up for 'count these bananas' game?

uhmm.. spectators?

crowned blue pigeons behind me.. all are princesses

thats fritz taking photos of the parrot.. but he's more interested on sumthing else

this is the free aviary!

feeding the lories!

hanging bridge inside the aviary

curtain made of chorizo

at the birds of prey corner

thats not my hand, and thats definitely not my bracelet

did u know that ostriches are dinosaur's descendants?

well at leat i have better toes

where is that ant's skeleton lying on those bones

spot the difference

im the magnificent one, not the birds. :P

and these are pinkish flamingos.. 

emotional emus

dance to the beat of our hearts

man made or not this one looked beautiful.. except the alligator below

pelicans getting ready for their show! bonggacious

these are lotus..

Well they sell park hopper tickets.
That's getting admission to this bird park, to Singapore zoo and Night Safari, and saving S$12!
I suggest you wear good shoes or slippers, coz ul do a lot of walking..

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