Thursday, November 11, 2010

This Goes Untitled

quarter life crisis..
like ur gonna live a hundred years..
like ur sure when ul die..

where do u stand now?
uncertain of what u want..
looking back at wat u gave up..
lost love, broken friendship and a lot of things to prove..

if something's no longer in your hands,
there is no reason to hold on..
if it's haunting you, then get haunted..
if u need to cry, shed your tears..
but never let it consume you..
coz time does not, and will never wait..

quarter life crisis is a myth
because at any moment, life can give you questions,
and consequences that make the answers harder to do..
u cannot get everything all..
so u choose what u leave..

u choose which memories to forget,
and which ones to carry in moving on..

life is about choosing..
we sometimes get wrong,
but we never run out of options to make things right..

failure is a form of decoy..
it is life's way of making us feel human,
and vulnerable and destructible..
it is during this time, that our choices matter the most..
we are prone to decide against our own good..
worse, we never decide at all,
which is actually already a choice for stagnation..
life will always help us out..
we just need to stand and reach out..

we fail, to be better..
we succeed, to prove we are stronger..

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