Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Batu Caves: It's The Climb

November 25, 2010

Target: Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur

It's one of the destinations I was so excited to check out.
Batu Caves is a limestone hill, with 272 steps to climb to reach
the Hindu shrine situated at the topmost cave.

It is one of the famous Hindu Shrines outside India, with one
gigantic golden Muruga statue, which has made the place more
famous and interesting.

At the bottom of the hill are numerous pigeons, waiting for
devotees to feed them. At first I pretended having something
on my palm so they would come near me.. Been wanting to get
good snaps with the pigeons. Then I shooed them away so they
would fly.. All for the sake of good pictures.. LOL

cudnt afford to go hiking with empty tummies!

so informative, this one.. hehe

men playing football

main gate.. Hindu shrines are easy to recognize, arent they?

an old lady rendering penance (i think)

i tried to trick them.. and then knew these pigeons were smart enuf

(dont mind me shooing these birds)

view of Muruga statue and the 272 steps

the climb wudnt be that hard if wasnt that hot

their version of madonna and child

main entrance of the cave

the spacious cave inside, with very high ceiling

peek-a-boo with mr sun

one of the altars inside

i wonder if they hold cockfight inside too?

this is the main temple.. actually they all looked the same for me.. i just saw a "main temple" sign near here

these are religious monkeys i bet

another stairs to climb

look how big the cave is! ( i think i posted this pic above already) lol

reaching the topmost part, this is another altar

there's greater light in this part

one of Hindu gods

no offense, this is just for fun

a number of statues lined up near the exit

these are peacock's feathers

ud love to see this monkey scratching the lady's arm.. sorry i ddnt take a snap..

Muruga statue's back

all the while i thought this is selecta

someone's blocking the nice view.. :P

at a nearby temple

i cudnt believe they allowed us to take photos

and they ddnt have dress code too

this is my new pose

who wants some snacks?

who in the right mind wud cross near the flyover?

we dint get lost.. :)

Getting there:

If you are staying somewhere in KL, you can just take a cab
to go to Batu Caves. Distance is around 13km, and fare
roughly costs RM15.

I think this is better than going by train (coz we ddnt take the train.. hehe)
Since the cab will take you to the main entrance. No sweat!
But u surely will get soaked with perspiration before reaching the top.
Best of luck!

Sometimes going somewhere far from
what are usual to us is a good thing.
It makes us realize, that the world is so huge
and there are a lot more things to be amazed of.

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