Friday, November 12, 2010

Moments of Bliss

"You need to keep getting lucky daily so that bad luck does not come;
so we shud have tea daily."

"My wagon is already there."
"Can u wait for like 10 mins?"
"Anything for princess, have to wait as it's an order ;)"

"Catch you later.."
"Be sure to do that.."

"You're crazy.."
"You say all are crazy..i think you dont like guys..
I want to date a lesbian then.. "

"Im going to throw chocolates over..haha! hey watch out Im serious.."
"Throw urself.. "

"Have you tried wall climbing?"
"Are you trying to ask me to climb the walls on ur house ? 

I prefer coming thru the door.."

"Are you not comfortable going out with me or just going out?
If it's the second, i can pursue..
But if it's me .. then i get it.. I wont ask.. "

"Feels good that a female u chat with during your 8 hrs of work
thinks you are weird.."

"If life had a onetime chance to rewind...I would use it today.."

"Don't make me senti..I have to go for a meeting.."

"Wat i was worried for so many days is happening this week
I dont wanna think abt it.."

"Im late.."
"You maybe late..but u r always the first preference ;)"

"Keeping urself busy is the best way if u dont want to remember / miss things ;)
"Only if it hurts to remember.."
"It hurts if the person u r remembering isnt around.."

"Shouldnt I talk to u like this ?  That I like u and all?
If u dont like it then let me know.."

"That's silly of you.."
"Silly as in? Gimme an example.
 The only silly thing I can remember is trying to miss trains
thinking u wud come or such other things.."
"You did that?"
"Yeah.. It worked sometimes too.. I wud have waited today, but it's so hot..
I meant sumtimes i did...when i am not angry or disappointed :)
Those things were so stupid of me, count that in the silly list
there are other silly things i have done to see u..
but i dont wanna tell .. "

"Crying makes it easy...and fighting makes separation easy.."
"You'd prefer fighting wt me?"
"Nopes. I am just telling u.. If u fight with me and leave thinking i am a jerk,
maybe u wud never think of me.. :)
Having a fight, it makes it easy. Because human tendency 
is to always remember those good things,
remember a flaw and it becomes less interesting.."

"What will u remember bout me? "
"I knew this question is coming.."
"So you mustve prepared for this.."
"Nopes. Count that in silly list.. You knw sumthings coming but still not preparing.
Maybe just want it to be a frank answer than a prepared fake one.."
"Sooo.. answer me then..?"
"No answer, I wont remember you.."

"I think i have fallen for u... dont u think so? "
"I dont know.. I dont wanna think about that.. 
given the fact im not seeing u after a couple of days.. 
Are you really falling for me? How cud u say dat now? "
"True, I dont know much about you..Thats why i dint say i luv u ;)
I dont knw basis and all. When it comes to me, my pyschiatry knowledge fails.
Maybe i have never tried harder..
waiting for someone to come online
leaving her home..things like that..
that too for someone i know who loves someone else..
and nothing is gonna happen.. "

"You are the reason why I keep smiling looking at my monitor,
why I like going out and, looking back.."

"Solitude..that's what was there before I met you.."

"I dint shave today, I dont feel like going to work and then realize that you're gone.."

"I only have a few days left.."
"11 days.. I know.. Ive been counting.."

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