Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Park Hopper: Into the Wild

November 23, 2010

Singapore Zoo and Night Safari

We got this park hopper tickets. Got all admission for bird park, zoo and night safari.

Nice right? So after we spent the whole morning catching bird flu (good thing it was out of stock LOL),
we then went to Singapore zoo. I slept at the bus; i never thought the travel was that long.
The zoo is situated in a rain forest environment. Its open-concept of experiencing
nature and the animal kingdom is superb. Id say it's the best zoo ive ever been to.

the main entrance.. i expected a baboon drum corps.. kidding

late lunch @kfc.. recalling their coleslaw's strong taste of onion

dats the whole place..with so little energy left, i shudve brought redbull :(

on our way to meet the white tigers.. this one's stoned.. literally.. lol

these are the beige tigers.. (from white to beige)

scratching kangaroo jack's nose

for real

lodging house inside the zoo

u wudnt like it when this baboon turns its back on u..LOL

ive been dying to ride on one (tears)

orang utans' lunch time

amazon lilies

this is ginger.. really.. and they use this for making curry powder

and i had to use my timer again. taken inside the orchid garden

the reservoir.. so placid..

i find its scales gross

giant turtles.. looked like they havent taken a shower for quite a while

found my long lost ancestor

yeah yeah whatever! LOL

count the monkeys,.. hehe
We barely had time to roam the entire zoo.. And our legs were so painful already.
To our relief the night safari is just adjacent to the zoo. Of course.
They have that fire-eating show at dusk. And i found it spectacular.
Not to mention the exposed abs. hee hee

night safari entrance

amelia's friend, maybe..

i told you, there were abs.. LOL

creatures of the night show.. that lady's smart and a cutie

nice accessory ryt?

these are ankole cattles (sacred in Africa)

this is a typical malay hut

when ibong adarna pooped on an entire tribe

We left the zoo at around 10pm.
And we dint have dinner yet. Last train's at 11:30, we were so scared
to spend so much on taxi so we decided to eat dinner at our place.
And guess what our dinner was? paparapapa.. love ko toh!
Im proud to say ive eaten at McDonald's..in 4 countries.. LOL

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