Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's a Date!

I get this question a lot: "Are you and xxx dating?"

Honestly, what does dating mean? Wait gimme 5 mins to google.
"An engagement to go out socially with another person, often out of romantic interest."

Based on that, let me recall the instances and my experience on dating..
Randomly, I may have forgotten some (I'll update once I remember! promise!)

*At the shore, almost dusk with 2 chaperons. I was 12, he was my neighbor. We barely looked
at each other, we never actually talked. I was looking at my friends when they started laughing.
He had colds, and "something" came out from his nose.. Too bad I missed that scene.

Hahaha! I cant stop grinning here. That's hilarious right. Lemme think about more..

*While running some errands with other girl scouts, we went somewhere far near the mangroves.
The others even teased some witch lived in that place. And then the guy met us there, along with his
friends. He was 2 yrs ahead of me. They helped us (as far as I cud rmbr),
and we were holding hands while walking, on our way back to the camp site.
Of course I held his hand, it was getting dark, wat if there really was a witch?
(wahahah defensive!)

* I was 14. At a youth camp, there was this gay guy who announced (yes, announced)
to his friends that he liked me. gosh. So they set me up. LOL
At the last night after the closing program, he came to me, and asked me to dance.
I politely danced with him, and stared at his face.
Gosh, he had his eyebrows plucked. I thought mine were thicker!
Well it wasnt a date of course, but I cudnt afford to miss mentioning that in here! :D

Hmmm, let's get more romantic. Reminisce. Reminisce. Reminisce.

* Talking and joking at the park, with the mosquitoes. gosh.
Laugh-laugh, and then slap-slap. and there's scratch-scratch.

* How bout riding in a cable car, with super-duper strong winds?
And then somebody shouted, "we're gonna die!" twice.
That's a pretty romantic way to die. (kidding!)

* You should try watching a movie and not talking till the movie's over.
And then u'd tell urself it's better if ur alone, maybe u cudve screamed and murmured
without being so conscious.

* How bout sleeping while watching a movie and then ur date awakens u
saying uve been grinding ur teeth.. cool right?

*Going out on a very cold day. literally cold. like below 10 deg celsius.
And then smiling a lot, even with fingernails and lips turning purple.
I cudnt wait to go home. hee hee

* Sat at a corner with my guitar, played some songs, sang not caring bout the ppl around.
Did a little wave boarding after. I suck at balancing.

* Is shopping a kind of dating? Coz I was so romantically inclined to those
sale items!

*Food trip as a date. First, ate at a pungko2x stall.
Went to the mall to eat halo2x. Met my best friend and ate quesadillas.
I cudnt believe I even craved for banana cue. LOL
It was a bountiful date! I could get obese u knw!

As a hopeless romantic girl, I dream a lot of perfect settings for a date.
Because I would spend my time with someone valuable to me, I would
want every moment a memorable one.

Here's my top 5 date list:

5. A sporty date - bowling/billiards/basketball

4. I love picnics! Who doesnt?

3. Stargazing. with meager food. and a lot of laughter!

2. Traveling and/or hiking. These are a few of my weaknesses.

1. Some parts of me still go old-fashioned. And ud say Im a copycat.
Dinner by the beach. Where other couples dine too. Then there's a jazzy music.
And we'll dance to the beat of that. :) And then here goes the perfect kiss.

Yeah yeah yeah. Whatever!!

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