Friday, December 17, 2010

Mask Parade : Adding a Little Drama

this world is real, only that it's a masquerade
u run into different masks, even enjoy the parade
oftentimes u think u knw ppl so well..
u forget what u see is just the cover..

and as much as they cling to their facade
u also hold on to yours, on ur face attached
what hurts is when u look at the mirror,
and u dont see the person u used to know..

in the quest for finding who u really are
you succumbed into being who u are not..
then they stare at u like they see ur mar..
fools, we're all the same, except ur minds are shut..

u stay away from hypocrisy
coz u dun wanna b judged the same way..
but those self-righteous throw stones and wont spare
wasting time, when u dont have enough of it to care..

guesz life's just not really fair
well, whatever it takes, i wont live in despair
i have a mask and im at a big masquerade
i'll dance and enjoy until this wall breaks..

December 17, 2010
Alliance Software Inc Christmas Party
Oakridge Business Park

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