Thursday, August 26, 2010

All About Bora

August 2010. 
There are times when no matter how limited our resources are, 
we wanna live like we have more than enough. 
Ive heard so much of Boracay
ever since I was young, never thought 
I would set foot on that powdery beach. :)
And hey, I felt rich. lol

This trip was planned since June, the problem with planned trips 
is that the excitement somehow subsides as the travel date approaches. 
But when we got there, the word regret couldnt be found in any thesaurus.

The timing was perfect, tho they say it wasnt a nice season for 
going to Bora because of the southwest monsoon winds. 
It was less crowded, perfect for 
relaxing and rejuvenating. 
It's like owning the beach. :D

who wants some coconut juice? absolutely free

with wonder boy fritz

no wonder other tourist ddnt come near

yellow cab delivery for you!

i only had a bite or so

drink all u can for 275! hu wudnt give in?

blue margarita

im not really a doglover.. this is just for the sake of taking pics.. lol

on the 2nd day. a tour around the island

and then i found nemo..

i wanna be a billionaire so freakin bad

stopped at puka beach

the beach at the other side of the island.. barely hit by the habagat monsoon

and i suffered domestic violence

our second sunset

it wasnt friday, that day

for kids only ( i guess )

i tried u know lol

at an islet nearby.. day 3

having fun with fritz and the cam

trust me this will cause u palpitation

i was so happy to have found balut!

everybody's favorite drink!

this isnt real okay?

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  1. klaro kaau wlay gbuhat ay.. cge rag blog blog hahaha