Saturday, October 23, 2010

Destination: Leyte

October 23, 2010. 
Abby the bestie wanted to go somewhere a lil bit far to travel and unwind. 
I was upset so i fueled her idea. Good thing a friend's offer is still up. 
Packed up at the eleventh hour and decided to sail away. 
Then found out it was the right thing to do.

Left Cebu at 5.30 in the morning and reached Ormoc at 9.
There wasnt much to see in Ormoc, so we went straight ahead to Tacloban. 
Took roughly 2 hrs by car.
1. San Juanico Bridge
Famous for being the longest bridge in the Philippines.    
Loved the breeze back there. 
Saw a sting ray battling with the whirlpool current,   
too bad havent taken some snaps of it.
We were walking halfway when the rain poured;  
running towards the other end was fun!
Perfect for a music video. lol
i was literally in between Samar and Leyte

and i named that island, "coconut island"

2. The Provincial Capitol
Well what do u expect? :) 
Maybe because I havent really gone to Cebu Capitol building yet, 
that's why I was too adamant for picture-taking with Leyte's.
this is the provincial capitol bldg, someone grab this kid pls

closer look

3. McArthur's statue
Finally I got to see Doug rooted. I showed respect by giving him a salute. lol
How long have they been standing, I dunno. 
And until they complain for varicose pain,
they'll probably stay much longer..

with doug and crew behind us..they came back and were rooted..

manong tempura vendor

Last stop: Sto Nino Shrine (Romualdez Mansion)
They made the first floor a chapel. Surrounded by a number of guest rooms.
With gigantic chandeliers and million-worth antiques, 
I got speechless. The electricity went out on our way to the second floor. 
Creepy but we were still joking.
Abby wasnt talking anymore, lol. 
It wouldve been more fun if I found some weird stuff in the pics
we took. Sadly there was none. 
Or maybe there are, but I just got used to seeing. lol

sto nino shrine with bestie abby, renz and bonbon

at a guestroom inside romualdez mansion

the grand ballroom.. aint it too late to learn ballet?

they left no strings for us

former pres marcos' bed..suit urself..

sadly i ddnt get the privilege.. lol

Watch out for the next adventure!

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