Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kanagawa: Very Strawberry!

April 30, 2009
Kanagawa Bus Tour

Ive always loved to go fruit picking. When I mentioned this to our
Japanese friend Shinto (oh I miss him already), he then helped us out and arranged
reservation for a package tour for us.

The tour had cost us 8k JPY. Trust me, it's reasonable than to commute and create
your own itinerary.

1. Until now, I still dunno what's the name of that big parking building that we
went to. Yeah Im a lousy blogger, I know. And I never asked Shinto too, fail. lol
Anyway, it was a shopping mall, and a parking building located near the coast.
The center of attraction was that gigantic metal plate, which they said was used for
drilling tunnels. Cool, right?

spring petals

i felt like sleeping.. loved the sea breeze

how did they take it there in the first place?

this is shinto, he loves it when we call him "boang" (crazy)

and fritz was enjoying this
2. Our next stop was at Kamogawa Sea World.
A famous aquarium in Kanagawa prefecture.
They got dolphin show, even had killer whales show.
A singing white whale, and a sealion making fruit shakes.
Nah, the latter's a joke. hehe

perfect for lunch! :D

the dolphins before the show

is that sealion sleeping?

obviously, these are japanese dolphins..

looks familiar!

eat-all-u-can even-the-utensils-if-u-can

this is gloria, about to move those happy feet

have i told u i love mascots?
3. Lastly we went strawberry picking! :D
We were allowed to get inside the greenhouse for 30 minutes, pick and eat those
sweet strawberries.. i sooo lurve it!

pls dont disturb me.. lol

and this is the ryt way to eat strawberries

soo inviting..

dipped in that condensed milk.. excellent!

We went back by ferry, which made the whole trip perfectly fun!

while waiting for the departure

the view

bye-bye strawberry farm!

having fun with fritz

Next time, I'll go durian picking.. and catching too.. LOL

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