Monday, May 4, 2009

Visiting Kobe

May 2009

Had i known bout this site before, I wouldve posted these already
without the need to meditate and get terrible headache recalling events.

Anyway, this is our first trip outside Tokyo prefecture.
It was Japan's Golden Week, no work for a couple of days.
We decided to go west: Osaka, Kobe, Nara and Kyoto.
Left Tokyo by a midnight bus and traveled for almost 7 hours.
Good thing their seats are comfortable enough for recharge.

The below pics are taken at Kobe, one of Japan's largest port cities.
While wandering around and seeing those edifices and the crowd,
it dint really show that the city was once struck by an earthquake in 1995
that killed approx 6000 ppl and ruined a lot of infrastructure that
brought the country's economy down.

i see sumthing behind me..

dint u notice? the flower clock's supposed to be the subject here

western style building that stood out among the rest

china town..

i really find this funny

streets are always busy in japan

they were looking for their mommy

the port

electric eel? im not sure but i knw the dance steps. lol

this is wat i was talking about.. they preserved some ruins

kobe tower and watever-that-was-i-dont-care-it-looked-good

kobe's landmark

i remmbr him singing carpenters' song

dinner with ruthleen and vanvan

There wasnt much to look at in Kobe.
They say a number of Yakuza gang oftentimes roam around Kobe.
I wasnt really sure if Id be scared or curious to meet some.
Maybe that would be more interesting. LOL

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