Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nara: Where Deers Guard the Streets

May 2009

Rainy and exhausting day.
Good thing in Japan, no matter how hard it rains, you wouldnt get mud on your shoes.
Deers wander freely in the streets I got astounded.
Well I sort of expected to see some when I read some reviews about Nara,
but meeting a lot of Rudolphs outside the zoo just like common passersby is another thing!

it dint look real at first

my companion's supposed to be quaratined, bad for the deers

this is one of the many things i dont get

todaiji temple from a distance

largest wooden bldg in the world?

largest bronze buddha in the world

and i dunno if this is the largest sumthing in

well-made miniature

i looked so small

i swear i ddnt do this

nice try!

i find something weird in here.. lol
The only thing that bugs me until now is if they allow domestication of those deers.
Im not really into pets, but who knows maybe they might be the perfect pets for me. :D

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