Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cutie Kyoto

May 2009.
It was gloomy that day, im not sure if it was drizzling.
We got there at almost noon (u know how long girls have to prepare to get going).
We were staying at a friend's apartment in Osaka,
took approx 30 minutes to get to Kyoto.

Kyoto is Japan's former capital, it is one of the cities where historical temples and shrines
as well as great gardens and buildings are well-preserved.

Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion)
Kansai area is a common destination for Golden Week holidays.
As expected, the place was so crowded it took long for us to get inside and see that
magnificent temple, gilded with gold.
It is surrounded by a pond, where its reflection's remarkably amazing.
See for yourselves.

breathtaking view
who wudnt get mesmerized by that?

the golden pavilion up close, they ddnt allow me in..

i dint knw wat my fortune was, the kanji looked good though

Ginkakuji (Silver Pavilion)
Look how captivating the temple is! LOL
Nah, we were late, too bad it was closed already when we got there.
Didnt stop us to take pics though.

ruth, me, van2x and charisse outside the temple
 Inari Shrine
The placed looked just ordinary to me at first.
Until I saw those Torii(traditional Japanese gate) lined up towards the mountain.
Each torii was donated by a certain business group. Cool.

the Inari Shrine and giant torii behind me

another temple we saw inside

huge toriis lined up

i told u there were hundreds of them

i'll probably donate one, it will be engraved in alphabet

me playing nice LOL
Yasaka Shrine (Gion)
It was dusk already when we got to Gion.
I was very much looking forward to see some geisha there.
Even if there might be no more real geisha in this decade.
I was still up for fake geisha hunting, even so I just got disappointed after.

yasaka shrine

fake geisha hunting

it was always halloween

another temple we passed by

looked astonishing at night

it was still 7pm but the streets were already deserted

We reached Kiyomizu-dera gate, but the temple was closed I forgot why.
We missed it, sadly. Its one of the famous temples to visit in Kyoto.
And we missed it. Bad luck.
outside the temple, well at least i got to sit there

i sat on sumthing..gross

so much drama outside that convenience store
If you wanna see infrastructure depicting old Japan, go to Kyoto, you'll love it there..
If you wanna see real geisha, go find some. And let me know where. LOL

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